Tony uncovers the true history of the Wild West using genuine 3D photographs taken in the 1880’s.  Many of these images have never been seen on TV before and capture a lost world of Cowboys and Indians - a world that Tony was obsessed with as a kid and one he's always wanted to explore. 

Using this "lost library" of stereographic images he goes in search of the real stories behind his childhood heroes - from Wyatt Earp at the OK Corral, to Custer and his Last Stand, from Butch and Sundance to Jesse James and Billy the Kid.  He also looks at how people like Buffalo Bill wove fact and fantasy to sell the West to the rest of the world and give us the Hollywood version of history that he grew up with.   

This is an epic journey into the history of the last American frontier with Tony travelling to the Little Big Horn and the hell towns of Deadwood and Tombstone, riding the steam trains that tamed the West and meeting the real life cowboys who are still in the saddle today.  This is the real story of how the West was won.

TX November 8th- 22nd, 8pm on Discovery