Hitherto unseen 3D photographs of D-Day, reveal new detail of the scope and scale of the greatest amphibious landings in history and photographs of the subsequent Allied bombing campaign, reveal the full extent of the devastation wrought by British and American bomber crews on German cities.

The programme reveals how - conversely - the Nazi regime used 3D technology as part of their relentless propaganda campaign to keep the German people in their thrall, even as their cities were crumbling around them.


Tony travels to the places where history was made and examines the equipment and machinery which helped win the war.

He wants to uncover the human cost of that victory in 1945 and to test his theory that this was “the good war”, in which brutal force, such as the Allied bombing campaign and the Red Army's excesses, together with desperate gambles like Operation Market Garden, to re-take the bridges over the Rhine, were justified as the Allies sought to break the stranglehold of the most depraved and inhumane regime ever seen.

Tony visits Sachsenhausen Concentration camp (one of the birthplaces of the Holocaust) and the site of the former “Hitler Bunker” in Berlin, where Hitler, Eva Braun and the Goebbels family met their ignominious ends.

He meets with veterans and survivors of the last desperate battles for Europe Berlin and speaks to distinguished historians Antony Beevor and Andrew Roberts.