Sue Perkins’ Big American Road Trip is a celebratory look at the modern phenomenon of #vanlife in the U.S. Sue’s never been much of a camper, but has always dreamt of a life spent outdoors and ‘on the move’, of getting behind the wheel, putting her foot down and just seeing where the road takes her. But if it’s a road trip she’s after, hitting the A1 isn’t going to cut it. She needs to dream big and embark on a journey across two of America’s most beautiful states, Colorado and California, in her own campervan, to discover the highs and lows of life on the road.

In America, more than a million people have embraced an entirely new way of living, swapping their houses for homes on wheels, roaming iconic landscapes and using social media to inspire  fellow travellers. Sue wants to taste this lifestyle for herself and meet the people who’ve made #vanlife the only life they need, some who had to do it and some who wanted to – from those for whom the American dream hasn’t worked out after a lifetime of towing the line, to people seeking adventure, freedom and a way out of the rat race… and everything in between.