This special My Life episode goes behind the scenes of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest musical, School of Rock, in the run-up to opening night, and reveals just what it takes to make it in this exacting and competitive world.

We follow Amelia, Bailey and Lois — all aged 11 — on their journey over several months from home to rehearsal studio, and eventually to the bright lights of opening night. Lois learned the bass guitar in a week to secure her role, but how will she cope with her nerves? Bailey is a gifted drummer, but now he also has to learn to love to sing. And Amelia has moved hundreds of miles from home for the show and must adjust to life in a chaperoned house with a group of fellow performers.

As Andrew Lloyd Webber says, this new show is about “the empowering force of music”. But incredible hard work, focus and professionalism are required of the young stars … will it be all right on the night?

TX: Thursday 15th December @ 17:00 on CBBC