Six years ago Mark Henderson was kidnapped with seven tourists in Colombia and held by Marxist rebels for three months. Nine months after his release he received an email from one of these kidnappers, Antonio; he was on the run, had fled Colombia and was looking for Mark’s help. Antonio’s guerrilla girlfriend - another of Mark’s kidnappers - contacted fellow hostage, Reini, a German woman and asked to become her “Facebook friend”. Mark and Reini both responded and, in doing so, set the wheels in motion for a journey that would lead them back to the mountains to confront the demons of the past and come face to face with a man and woman who once held the key to their freedom.  My Kidnapper is an emotional and cathartic journey into the past to close this chapter of his life. This film is an exploration of kidnapping, human perseverance in extreme circumstances, the inexplicable bond we have with our kidnapper and eventually of forgiveness.