For 70 years we've waged war against harmful bacteria using antibiotics. But bacteria are fighting back and today more and more bacterial infections are becoming resistant to antibiotics. Drug-resistant superbugs are spreading; not just MRSA - also TB, pneumonia, e-coli. In Britain, hundreds are already dying of these infections - mainly the very young or the frail and elderly. But experts warn that unless we crack the problem, by 2050 we'll be facing a massive health crisis with over 10 million people dying of resistant bacterial infection worldwide every year.

Michael Mosley goes in search of the causes of this crisis and new solutions to overcome it. Have we caused the resistant superbug crisis by overusing antibiotics?

At the heart of the film is an unprecedented experiment using "Microbial Michael", a life-sized living bacterial clone of Michael Mosley. Using microbes taken from all over his body and grown on his clone we set out to find out what happens when we take a powerful broad spectrum antibiotic. What are the effects of the antibiotic on our bacteria - both beneficial bacteria and potentially harmful bugs we have on our bodies?

Presenter                      Michael Mosley

Executive Producer        Alan Hayling

Director                        Peter Gauvain

Producer                       Peter Gauvain