Lose Weight For Love’ follows couples who are locked in a cycle of over-eating that threatens not only their health, but their relationship. They are one another’s own worst enemy –  encouraging each other to over eat – and Tanya Byron believes it is only by separating and having therapy that they can address their under-lying individual issues, change for good, and ultimately be happier again with one another.


In this first episode, Becky and her partner Phil are locked in a cycle of over-consumption that now threatens their relationship. Knocking back three litres of fizzy drinks a day, Phil’s yo-yoed from 15 to 30 stone as well as having a gastric band fitted,  whilst Becky caves in to any takeaway temptation. Clinical psychologist, Professor Tanya Byron and her team separate them for ten weeks in a final bid to overhaul their habits.


TX date: Wednesday 18th May at 8pm on BBC One