Little crackers Jo Brand:

TX 22nd Dec 2010 9pm

Sky 1

Series 1, Episode 1

1972 - A teenage Jo Brand isn’t happy - Financial woes mean the family is uprooting from Tunbridge Wells to set up home in Hastings.  And, following a freak accident, Jo hasn’t even got her beloved cat, Fluff, for comfort or company. Things go from bad to worse when she starts her new school
and is immediately targeted by the reigning bully.  That is, until Susan Pigg appears, a saviour in a non-regulation mini-skirt. The pair become inseparable, but a mystery surrounding the death of a certain moggy soon puts their friendship to the test...

Little Crackers Meera Syal:

TX 25th Dec 2010 9pm

Sky 1

Series 1 Episode 2

1970 - Seven-year-old Meera Syal wants to celebrate Christmas but Meera’s parents don’t do Christmas as there are enough Hindu festivals as it is. Seeing his daughter’s anguish, Meera’s dad takes her to see a poor excuse for a Santa Claus at his work’s Christmas party. Unimpressed, Meera begins to lose her Christmas spirit... until she arrives home and meets Uncle Satnam. With a big white beard and a taste for sherry and mince pies he brings festive cheer to the Syal household. But is he really who he says he is?