In each show a young, loved up couple is given the wedding of their dreams. But there is one big catch – the groom has to organise every single aspect of the big day. Until the wedding day itself the bride will know nothing of the arrangements – the ceremony, the venue, the guest list, the food or flowers. She sees the dress he’s chosen for her to wear only the day before! Will the bride-to-be cry with tears of joy or tears of sadness


Series 6 TX 27th May 2012

Ep 1 – Nicola and Nathan

Ep 2 – Ben and Sarah

Ep 3 – Mike and Katie

Ep 4 – Adam and Lydia

Ep 5 – Terri and Martyn

Ep 6 – Jill and Mark

Ep 7 – Corrine and Chris

Ep 8 – Holly and Anthony

Ep 9 – Hayley and Ian

Ep 10 – Terry and Melissa           

Ep 11 – Noel and Jemma

Ep 12 – Michael and Rebecca