Written by Gwyneth Hughes and directed by Lynsey Miller, Doing Money is a shocking true story about slavery in modern Britain. This fact-based one-off drama follows the heart-breaking and compelling story of Ana, a young Romanian woman snatched in broad daylight from a London street, trafficked to Ireland and used as a sex slave in a series of 'pop up’ brothels. Ana’s story offers a tense and thought-provoking thriller, with fascinating insights into the difficulties of policing a form of modern slavery that hides in plain sight. It exposes just how big business "doing money" is.

Gwyneth Hughes says: "I've been deeply affected by listening to Ana's unforgettable story. I've learned a lot from her - a lot I wish I didn't know - about the lives of women bought and sold into modern slavery. But I've also been moved by her courage, her humour, and her will to survive. She is a true heroine."

Doing Money is a 1x90’ produced by Renegade Pictures for BBC Two. It is written by Gwyneth Hughes (The Girl), directed by Lynsey Miller (The Boy With The Top Knot) and produced by Mike Dormer.


Alex Cooke is Executive Producer for Renegade Pictures and Lucy Richer for BBC Two. 


The trailer can be viewed here