Episode 1: 9/11

Comedian Andrew Maxwell doesn’t believe the 9/11 conspiracies but is worried that so many people do. So in this highly provocative special he’s taking half a dozen young Brits, who all conscribe to the conspiracy theories, on a coach trip to find out what really, really happened on 9/11. They meet survivors of the Twin Towers, blow up their own building and, unbelievably, fly their own plane round NYC. After all this will Andrew have changed their minds?

Series 2 currently in production.


Episode 2: 7/7 Bombings

It’s been 7 years since 7/7, the London bombings, one of the worst terrorist atrocities in recent British history.  Unbelievably some people question the official version of events and think the British establishment orchestrated its own 9/11-style attacks in order to firm up support for the war in Iraq. Andrew Maxwell, a comedian thinks this is nonsense and in an effort to tackle the truth he’s taking 4 such conspiracy believers on a Road trip from Leeds to London to recreate the exact journey the bombers took. Each one believes a different conspiracy theory from claiming the train times were falsified by the Government to home-made bombs could never have caused such damage. They will talk to eyewitnesses, families of victims, government officials and specialists to uncover the truth about what happened that day.

Episode 3: Creationism

Comedian Andrew Maxwell takes 5 British Creationists to the West Coast of America, to try to convince them that evolution is true and their ideas are, well, crackers.  Stuck on a bus across 2,000 miles of dustbowl roads with these religious fundamentalists, Maxwell tackles some mind-boggling ideas.  Could the Earth be only 6,000 years old, did humans and T-Rex live side by side?  It’s a bumpy ride, as he’s confronted with some very unchristian behaviour along the way, but by the end could he possibly win over any of the Bible-bashers with hard scientific fact…. And keep a straight face?

Episode 4: UFOS

Are we alone in the universe? Or have we been visited by aliens? If the answer to the last question is “yes”, have the world’s governments been covering up this incredible “truth’?

Comedian Andrew Maxwell is a logical guy and he’s going to tackle these big questions on an American Road Trip from Los Angeles to Area 51. He’s taking 5 UFO believers who claim to have witnessed spacecraft from other galaxies, been attacked by UFOs, had close encounters with ETs and believe an alien attack is imminent for a close encounter of the rational kind. He’ll take them to meet experts, eyewitnesses and journalists to prove their theories mad.