Returning for it’s fifth series, adventurer Ben Fogle sets off to meet more people who have turned their back on the rat-race and set up home in some of the most remote locations on Earth in Ben Fogle: New Lives In The Wild . He joins a variety of brave individuals who chose to venture down a very alternative path to everyday life. Watch as Ben meets fellow Brit, Julius Strauss, who quit life as a frontline War Correspondent to become a grizzly bear guide in remote Canada; Lynx Vilden, a real-life Stone Age woman deep in the U.S.A’s mountainous Pacific Northwest; Julia Pryke, only 3 months into her radical move to the remote Hungarian countryside; Mickey and Trina Cofer, American missionaries who live in deepest Outer Mongolia; Andrew and Noelle Molinaro, wildlife guides in Tanzania’s most remote park, East Africa.  Chris Dews, a former merchant sailor now eco-warrior on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. Tod Kershaw, a former engineer who sold up everything and moved to the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina to embrace a primitive skills tribe who live like scavengers. And Dina and Mostafa Jabbour, a couple from Kentucky who become disillusioned with the American dream and moved to the Atlas mountains in Morocco to live completely self sufficiently & off-grid.


Ben wants to discover the reality of leaving it all behind and meet those who’ve chosen to ditch a life dominated by debts and daily grind and go in search of something different.  So is it daring or just downright crazy….