Contestants in the Miss Big Beautiful Woman pageant have big bodies and big personalities to match. This is a movement which has thrived in the US for years and has now burst into Britain, thanks to Linda Koch - the driving force behind the pageant. Linda insists she's not promoting obesity, but wants girls to be proud of their bodies - even if they weight over 20 stone.

With exclusive access, this film focuses on four pageant finalists. Behind the diva moments, mascara and bling, each young woman has an extraordinary personal story. They've struggled against discrimination, bullying, difficult relationships and young parenthood. Now they squeeze into swimwear and glam-up in evening gowns bravely baring their plus size curves to the world.

The documentary culminates in the pageant at a London Hotel on 10th November, where 19 anxious beauty queens battle for the Miss BBW 2012 crown.