Each episode pairs up two celebrities who are given a very simple challenge: spend ten thousand pounds in twenty-four hours, in a remote or unusual location.

Often their first thought is how easy it would be, to have the time of their lives in one magnificent day with a suitcase stuffed full of cash! They dream of all the souvenirs they can buy, the clothes and luxury goods on which the money can be lavished. But the challenge is not as simple as it seems, oh no!

The celebrities must follow strict rules. The money is to be spent on experiences and cannot just be given away. They can hire anyone or anything they need to assist them but they cannot pay more than the reasonable going rate, and they must not spend more than ten per-cent of the total on any one experience – that’s everything and anything from translations to gambling via accommodation and food. Any spend that goes against the spirit of the challenge may be vetoed and if they fail to offload every single penny they will face a jaw-dropping forfeit.