Moira Stagg

Production Finance Manager

Moira joined Mentorn Films as an Accounts Assistant in 1989.  She soon took over the role as Production Accountant working across various genres, which included programmes such as 01 for London, Challenge Anneka and Question Time. After Mentorn acquired Folio Productions, she moved across as Production Accountant for all programme output, including Car Wars, Traffic Cops and other Police access programmes. She also worked on Paradise Hotel, the first American production for  Mentorn.

She left Mentorn in 2006 to join Steadfast Television, a start-up company. There she worked across all productions.  Their programme slate included Salvage Code Red, Sky Cops, Border Force, Send in the Dogs & Somewhere at Sea. She then joined Renegade Pictures in 2011 as Senior Production Accountant to work across all Production output.