Alex Cooke


Alex Cooke is the CEO and a founding member of Renegade. While at Renegade she directed Closing Guantanamo for BBC This World, and Tea Party America for BBC This World. She has also executive produced a range of series, feature documentaries and single documentaries for a range of international broadcasters including Baghdad High, Children of The Tsunami,  The Shock Doctrine and Vegas Comes to China.

Prior to setting up Renegade Pictures Alex Cooke directed United Gates Of America for the BBC, a one hour documentary about race and immigration inside one of California’s largest gated communities. In 2005 she initiated and produced a ten part series for Discovery Times, Only In America, immersing herself in subcultures across the US. Collaborating with NY Times journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner, Charlie LeDuff, she directed four of the shows including Gay Rodeo – a film about rural gay cowboys in the Bible Belt, (winner of the GLAD Award 2006) Country Preachers about independent Pentecostal pastors and serpent handlers in the Appalachia , The Real 8 Mile about young kids in Detroit and Fight Club about a bike gang who conduct fight clubs in Oakland California.

In 2004 Alex Cooke made her debut feature documentary How Arnold Won The West, a political satire following Arnold Schwarzenegger on the campaign trail to become Governor. The film was picked up for theatrical distribution in France, Italy, Austria, England and DVD release in Japan, Australia and the United States. Before directing Alex was as an editor and producer for Channel 4 as well as the BBC and from 1997 to 2001 she was the programmer of Sheffield International Documentary Festival.

From 1991 to 1993 she was a founding member and Managing Director of The Big Issue, a newspaper initiative for the homeless in London.